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  1. Any chance you can list VectorSNAP v1 as VectorSNAP Classic or something? It really was perfect as it was for most people’s needs. Hell, I’ll even buy it again if need be.

    1. Hey there,
      the VectorSNAP 1 functionality is not only still present in vSNAP 2 it is also free. For that reason I don’t think I will be rereleasing the old version. I realise the new interface is a lot more complex but hopefully it just takes some getting used to. I am working on some tutorials that should help.

      I have had lots of requests for these new features and a lot of people really love them.

      1. I used the original (very user friendly) for teaching pixel/vector to middle school art students with great success. Although they can learn the more complex layout, in the update there is a “” watermark that corrupts the image (both pixel and vector). Does the watermark get removed with a purchase? Additional in-app costs multiply per student.

        1. Hi Joe,
          great to hear you are using it for teaching. The watermark does indeed disappear with purchase. I spent a year working on the app and as much as I would like to be able to afford to work for free it’s not possible.

          I was hoping Apple would offer promo codes to in-app purchases, but unfortunately they don’t. If/when they do please contact me again and I will send some for free.

  2. Hi Elideth,
    thanks for your feedback. I am working on an iOS8 version to be released shortly. Sorry about that. Apple seems to break backwards compatibility when upgrading.

  3. Hi thanks for feedback!
    Yes indeed, a proper universal iPad version is in the schedule. Any particular feature you would like to see for the iPad?

    I have just uploaded an iOS8 version pending Apple review. Kindly note the file system changed between iOS7 and iOS8 which broke some core functionality for VectorSNAP. As soon as Apple gives the go ahead the new version should be available.

  4. I have an iphone4 with ios7 and would like to upgrade my beloved VectorSNAP with an in app purchase. However the list of purchase options is blank except for the arrows. If I click on a random arrow it’s blank on the next page as well. Please tell me how I can upgrade to the complete version.

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