VectorSNAP is developed by one person, Andreas Borg. I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how to improve it. Also, VectorSNAP2 has over 25 new features and no doubt a handful of bugs. Please please please report any issues here instead of on the Apple app feedback as this will give me a chance to fix them.


11 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Hello. I recently purchased VectorSNAP Complete via IAP and have a couple of earnest requests.

    First of all, please make VS universal. It would be very helpful to be able to do more precise edits on a bigger screen. Moreover, after having spent US$4.99 I am unlikely to be motivated to pay again.

    Secondly, please allow the vectors to save as PNG as well as at a higher resolution. I realize that the point is to save the images as SVGs but very few methods of sharing allow SVGs. Additionally, 1000×1000 doesn’t cut it for me. I need something along the lines of, say, 2400×2400. Or, better yet, allow us to specify the dimensions or at least choose among different sizes.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree and I hear where you are coming from. Current version is very iPhone centric. With so many new features I wanted to make that work properly first, but taking advantage of the larger iPad screen for editing is certainly on my list. It is great to hear what requirements people have, and particularly since you bought the complete version you should never have to pay again.

      You are right also that because SVGs are scale independent per se I did not invest in supporting high res output for PNGs. However, I can certainly add that to the road map.

      Again thanks! I would love to see what you make.

      Kind regards

      1. Thanks for the friendly reply and understanding. Recently, I updated to iOS 8 and since then I haven’t been able to get VS to advance past the splash screen. I tried hard rebooting and a delete/reinstall but it still crashes. Any chance you can check this issue out soonish? Thanks. I love this app.

  2. I have just uploaded an iOS8 version pending Apple review. Kindly note the file system changed between iOS7 and iOS8 which broke some core functionality for VectorSNAP. As soon as Apple gives the go ahead the new version should be available.

    1. Hi Hamel,
      the iOS8 version is waiting for Apple approval, and unfortunately they seem to have a lot on their plate. I assume many apps have been affected by the changes. Hopefully it will be release in a few days.

      Thanks for you patience.


  3. I just now updated to the new VS version but now the restore purchases feature doesn’t work and the complete unlock ($4.99) is no longer listed in the IAPs. This is my first time running the app after reinstalling and it just now said all features are free for 24 hours. After that time should the restore purchases feature work again?

    1. The “24h unlocked” message happens automatically when the app is first installed, or if it has been deleted and reinstalled. Your previous purchases should not be affected by any upgrade.

  4. I just bought the $4.99 complete VectorSNAP. Did the $4.99 purchase all aspects of your app including the color packets as well? It still shows in the in-app purchases and I thought I had already bought everything. Also, is the pro VectorSNAP incorporated in the complete set? I assumed it was. Thank you.

    1. Complete includes all, i.e. also the color packets you bought. In a previous version it was still showing as available to purchase although you already had them. This has now been fixed. Hope you enjoy the latest update!

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